Core and Forams

This morning Matt Easterbrook showed Nicky and I the work he is doing on a core from the Avon Heathcote estuary.

First we had a look at some forams he has collected through the microscope. There are lots of tiny forams in each of the black squares on each of the slides.


I tried taking photos of what we could see through the microscope, and it worked better than I expected.


This is one square, and one foram.

He also showed us how the start to separate the forams from the sample, by using liquids of a particular density so that only the forams (and a few other bits) float. This is then decanted through filter paper and the rest of the liquid filtered off.

IMG_2473 IMG_2472

The liquid is about $1000 per litre, so it is separated out and used again, and any that has been diluted has its water evaporated off and is also used again.

We also had a look at sand under the microscope, which is very cool! It is very rough, and you can see it is made from a wide variety of stuff.



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