Last week

Well I have been rather quiet on the blog front for the last week or so. This has not been because I have not been busy, quite the opposite really. Last week we (the B(est) team) spent the week in Dunedin for our leadership course. This was a really fabulous time, and very thought-provoking. Or brain-hurty as we regularly described it. I have returned full of new enthusiasm for leadership positions and for some reason can’t wait to get started on my first leadership assignment. Im sure the feeling will pass when I start having to actually write an essay.

One of the really important parts of the course was having to work out what our values are. I realised that I have spent far too long in cadets because it is hard to go past Discipline, Respect, Integrity, and Loyalty. But then I thought more about it, and realised that the reason I am struggling to get past these is because they are essentially what I think I was taught from a young age (if not, sorry Mum and Dad but that is what I got out of all those times I was told to “mind your manners” 🙂 ).

I found it quite difficult when we had to stand up in front of every one and speak about a leader we admired. It turned out that none of us liked public speaking. But I did it and will hopefully be more confident next time I have to do it.

The leader I chose to speak about was Admiral William McRaven, not because I know anything about his leadership (although I can assume he must have leader someone well to be an Admiral), but because I was recently shown a video of him speaking and found it inspirational. It is a reminded that anyone can do anything if they want to. We have to start, take small steps, not be afraid, and not ever give up.

I think this is good advice for all of us, and sometimes you just need a little inspiration and the self belief that comes with it.

As part of the course we were also taken on a lovely tour of Dunedin. In classic Jags. 🙂

IMG_2534This was them parked outside the railway station.


We went to a lookout.


And attempted Baldwin St.


And saw the first church. Looking lovely and gothic as it got dimmer.


And had an amazing dinner in St Clair, at Starfish. In fact the food the whole time was amazing.


Andrea and I posing with the car… I sat in the seat that the Queen had sat in. I practiced my wave the whole way through Dunedin.


One lunch time I went for a quick walk and had a look at the geology museum at Otago and found these:

IMG_2515I’m quite familiar with forams now!


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